Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Fire alarm

a) if you see a fire please do not attempt to put the fire out yourself. We ask that you raise the alarm by smashing a break glass and then leave the building by the nearest available exit.

b) if you hear the fire alarm (a very loud continuous ringing) Please leave the building by the nearest available exit. Congregate ON THE FLAT LAWN AT THE BACK OF THE OAK TREE CENTRE for a role call. Do not re-enter any building until you are told it is safe to do so. Do make sure you leave the building. Do not stay inside; do not go to refuge areas. You must leave the buildings.


Please note that smoking is not allowed in any building at all. Smoking is only permitted under the big beech tree at the back of Primrose Hill or in the smoking shed. The shed is through the archway at the front of the main building and look to your right. Please do not smoke anywhere else, eg back or front of buildings.

Leaving College

If you need to leave the College for any reason please sign out in the book by Reception and sign back in on your return to college. 

First Aiders/Emergency assistance

The College has qualified First Aiders. Please take a few moments to read the First Aid notice in your bedrooms which has the contact details of First Aiders, and in particular a mobile phone number for evening use. If you have has an accident, no matter how small, please ensure you see a First Aider immediately. First aiders cannot give you any medication. If you need the duty caretaker you can also call the mobile phone number if you need them and cannot leave your room. The duty caretaker for your course will write his name and location on the whiteboard outside the Common Room.


All staff and students at the College have been issued with badges and it is important that you wear your badge at all times whilst at the College. (Please don’t forget to hand your badge back before you leave at the end of the course). Please do not open any outside door to anyone you do not know. All Long course students and staff have keys. Please do not let Children open the door to anyone at any time.

Please inform a member of staff if you see any person acting suspiciously in the College buildings or grounds.

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