Students with Disabilities – what we can offer

Fircroft aims to meet the needs of our learners wherever it is reasonably possible to do so.

We can only do this if you communicate with us what your requirements are before you begin a course. If we are unaware of your needs then the start date of your course may be delayed until we have the right support in place.

The majority of learners at Fircroft have additional needs and whatever you tell us will be treated in a confidential manner. Our approach is to try to understand the support you require and then agree with you the best way to provide it. However, we are a small organisation with a small workforce and so have limited manpower to assist you without prior notice. Therefore we need to know your requirements beforehand so that we can try to assist you the best way we can.

Fircroft is a residential college and therefore we require all student to stay overnight (unless there is a last minute change in your circumstances)

If you already have support in place or have access to support such as a care worker then please speak to us as we may be able to arrange to continue with this support here at the College. Even if your support is a friend or family member we may be able to accommodate them here with you.

Fircroft encourages learner independence and so we are willing to work with you to try to reduce the support provided as you become more familiar with the College. Obviously this may not always be possible depending on why you required initial support.

We have an on-site caretaker available to deal with emergencies throughout the night.

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