Learning with Moodle

Q:How can I use Moodle to stimulate students thinking?

A:By asking and encouraging questions students can wrestle with and explore through and with the help of activities and resources in a course. For example, open a forum discussion with a provocative question, start a wiki where groups collaboratively build a solution.

Q:How can I communicate with students?

A:There are amy ways available. Forums are great for extended conversations over time, Messages for private channels, Chats for synchronous conversations, Comments for quick notices and remarks. You can also exchange online feedback with Assignments and comments to Blog posts.

Q:How can I share resources in Moodle?

A:Moodle offers a number of ways to share content such as making files and folders available to course participants, collecting resources of any kind with a Database, attaching files to Forum posts, importing and linking resources to and from external repositories/portfolios.

Q:How can Moodle help tutors to collaborate?

A:Use Wikis to create content together, Forums and Comments to exchange ideas, Database to collectively gather resources, Glossary to create shared understanding of concepts.

Q:How do I grade in Moodle?

A:Grades can be created in each activity in a course which are then added to the Gradebook. For example, grades in Assignment (all types), Quiz and Workshop activities are automatically added to the gradebook. In some activities you will have to turn grading on, such as ratings 'on' in Forums, Glossary and Database to send them to the gradebook. You can also use the gradebook to adjust, assign or automatically scale an activity grade in your course. There are many opportunities to exchange feedback on many activities, not just grades.

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